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    I would like to post this event in your website

    Erotic Hypnosis Workshop

    When: September 6th,2013

    Where: Downtown. Portland, OR ( to be disclosed only to
    attendees )

    How long: This workshop will last between 3 and 4 hours with a 15 minute break

    Cost: $30 per person

    Who may attend: This demonstration/Show is limited to adults only. Space is limited.

    What is the show/demonstration about: At this workshop you will learn how to use hypnosis to enhance your love life. You will learn about: hypnosis, cautions and precautions, errors and how to recover from them, the effect of negative thought, how to hypnotize, using post-hypnotic suggestions, induction methods, warnings, suggestibility tests, deepening methods, erotic suggestions, and many other things

    Your Presenter: Grand Pa De Sade (Allyn Gallant, M.H., C.C.H.T.), is a Hypnotherapist with over 30 years experience. He is semi-retired now. His practice was kink-friendly and pan-sexual in Vancouver, WA. He has presented the Erotic Hypnosis Workshop in San Francisco, CA, Vancouver, WA, Seattle, WA, Miami, FL, and Portland, OR.

    How do I attend: You must RSVP to Ulysses Barba’s Fetlife account or (503) 446-3591. A deposit will be needed with your reservation. For legal reasons, no walk-ins will be admitted.

    Volunteer subjects needed: A number of volunteer subjects will be needed. Volunteers should contact before or at the workshop. Volunteers will have an interesting and educational experience

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